Davespertine (visual) and Antalio (audio)

Left, image of Anton Talnov.
Right fragment of The studio in my mind
by Davespertine.
Antalio is a project started by Russian composer and producer, Anton Talnov, born in 1979. The song you are about to hear is called Neo Bronze Age (entrance) and is the first track from the album Neo, released in 2011. What attracted me to this piece of electronic music is the strong rhythm that acts like a backbone for the entire song without giving it a monotonous sound and the atmospheric effects which envelop the skeletal structure with a soft and occasionally transparent silk cloth.

Davespertine is a photographer from the United Kingdom who does a magnificent job of combining abstract forms, minimalist compositions and occasionally surrealist thoughts. His works range from truly minimalist images which undermine the very idea of art to very complex urban scenery. A knowledgeable art enthusiast will easily recognize some of Dave's influences and will undoubtedly appreciate his capacity of combining color and form into photographs that approach the realm of paintings.


Are black holes square?

Black Friday

Black or White


Crack of Dawn

Just Juice

Larger than life

New Planet

The studio in my mind
Click here for Davespertine's deviantART page where many more incredible works await you.

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