Around the World in 7 Notes: Kino - Peaceful Night

I listen to much Russian (and Soviet) music even though I just now started to learn the language. There is something about Russian music that fascinates me... my life, in a way, gravitates around music and in the same time it's also surrounded by music. People stop at the surface and are quick to judge, to label, to feel they are themselves superior (through this) because... well... they can't be "superior" in other ways. This is why I listen to music, and why I consider it to be like the air I breathe, like the blood that flows through my veins, it doesn't judge and never lies.

Russian music from the 70s and 80s, first underground and then starting to rise to the surface due to the reforms of Gorbachev opened the way for an astonishing series of bands and songs. 80s USSR was going though profound changes  and bands from the second half of that decade show us perfectly how life was like. Music was a way for the youth to shout their frustrations and expose their dreams.

Kino - Peaceful Night (English translation)

Rooftops are shaking under the pressure of days
A shepherd in heaven hereds the clouds
A city shoots its lights into the night
But strong is the night, great is her might

Those who got to bed, good night, good dreams
I've been waiting for this time and here it is
This time has come
Those who ere silent started to talk
Those who've got nothing to wait, mount their horses
You won't catch up with them, no, not now

Neighbors come, they complain they hear hooves clicking
They can't fall asleep, it disturbs their dreams
Those who've got nothing to wait for take off
And those who were saved-they are safe

The leader of Kino was Viktor Tsoi (21 June 1962 – 15 August 1990), remember this name cause it's the name of a hero.

Крыши домов дрожат под тяжестью дней,
Небесный пастух пасет облака,
Город стреляет в ночь дробью огней,
Но ночь сильней, ее власть велика.

Тем, кто ложится спать -
Спокойного сна.
Спокойная ночь.
Тем, кто ложится спать -
Спокойного сна.
Спокойная ночь.

Я ждал это время, и вот это время пришло,
Те, кто молчал, перестали молчать.
Те, кому нечего ждать, садятся в седло,
Их не догнать, уже не догнать.

Соседи приходят, им слышится стук копыт,
Мешают уснуть, тревожат их сон.
Те, кому нечего ждать, отправляются в путь
Те, кто спасен, те, кто спасен.
- Original Russian lyrics, Кино - Спокойная ночь

The song is the fourth from the 1988 album entitled "Gruppa krovi".


Album cover - Gruppa Krovi

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