Maayke Klaver (visual) and Faith Assembly (audio)

Maayke Klaver (left) and Mark Stacy (right)
Faith Assembly is a synth-pop project of Mark Stacy started in 1991 but which, in spite of 20 years of (more or less) consistent activity, did not manage to break through the wall dividing underground and mainstream. This simple fact doesn't mean that Mark doesn't do a good job in arranging notes and instruments it just means that Faith Assembly did not develop the personality to stand up to related projects like Depeche Mode or Gary Numan. The song you will hear is, in my opinion, the best from their sixth album entitled "Descent into Madness" and released in 2008. "Amnesia" has a wonderful orchestration with the guitar definitely adding much value to the song along with the clean voice of Mark. Their official website is here: http://www.faithassembly.com/ . Respect the artists, buy their work.

Maayke Klaver is a biology student and nature photographer based in Wageningen, the Netherlands. On her website she states:
With my photography I try to transmit feelings and memories rather than reality as the human mind perceives it. I hope you will enjoy my colorful planet.

And now that we introduced ourselves let's get to know each other better. What I love at Maayke's photos is very difficult to put into words because she doesn't try to make art with a political or philosophical theme. Don't be fooled, this doesn't mean that her work lacks depth, on the contrary, Maayke succeeds in showing us nature like we rarely (and some never) see, and this is a hard task. Simply pointing your camera and pushing a button doesn't do, you need something more, much more, you can call it talent or you can call it creativity (because the image needs to be processed), no matter, Maayke Klaver has both talent and creativity along with eyes to see the beauty in this world. I will let the images speak for themselves because words are useless when confronted with this beauty. You can visit her official website here: http://www.maaykeklaver.com and also her deviantArt page: http://maaykeklaver.deviantart.com/
Respect the artist, buy her work.


Golden Hue


Fade Away

Illuminate my World

Lost Soul

Moments Passing

Out there Somewhere

Towards The Light



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