Passing Thought: Ice Buckets and the Age of Aquarius

Strange and sometimes infantile trends develop in society mainly through the use of social media and mass-media. As you may know, not long ago the "selfie" flourished, why that happened is a question to be answered another time. For a couple of days we see a new trend being formed, the so-called ice bucket challenge. Sure, it's made to raise awareness to a disease and to gather funds but the moment I saw the image of a guy dumping a bucket of ice water on his head something looked familiar. I'm not saying that the age of Aquarius concept is linked to this trend but since we are expected to enter the age or already have entered, the current trend is symbolically similar. This thought is however just for the sake of it, after all, all the people throwing water from a bucket for millennia did not have an age of Aquarius in mind.

Aquarius by Hakon Soreide

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