Nightly Poem #10 - Sand

Painting by Gustave Caillebotte
We leave our mark in sand,
with water taking bit by bit
our parts into the sea,
into the shallow depths.
And with confusion we try
to leave this place behind
but is our faith still powerful
and is our love still placed in truth
or do we struggle in confusion
unknowing where our sand will stand.


Late Night Post #12 - the Word

Fragment of "St Michael Vanquishing the Devil" by Bonifacio Veronese from c.1530

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" is one of the most beautiful and powerful things I have ever heard. What makes it so interesting is that this power comes from its simplicity which is an opposite mirror of its true complexity, which we can not rationally understand. What we can do is to develop our intuition, to learn to think with the heart, at least from time to time. I can guarantee that once you think with your heart you will forever want to come back to this feeling for it is closer to the truth than any amount of encyclopedic knowledge.


Nightly Poem #9 - Rebirth

Through clouds, victorious faces gather.
This white fog that grew between us
from yesterday is our home and solitude.

Crows in white tall trees are trembling
and yellow leafs are scattered by winds.
Not listening? To the ground with you!

A carpet of illusions, fragments of dreams
you laid under our feet. Hyenas, I'll tell you
From today, fear will no longer be.

Printre nori se ivesc fețe de învingători
Această ceață alburie ce ne separă
de ieri ne este casă, beznă și pustiu.

Ciorile din copac cutremurându-se și
vântul spulberând frunze îngălbenite,
Nu ne ascultați? La pământ cu voi!

Un covor de iluzii, de cioburi de vise
ați așternut sub noi. Hienelor, vă spun
de azi temeri și frici nu mai sunt.

I wrote this on my way home from work a few days ago and translated it into English today. I won't explain my thoughts behind the poem because it would be redundant, there is however a small note to make, from time to time we should garner the courage to jump ahead of ourselves because the forces that want to keep us still must be overcome. 


Passing Thought: Seed

Life, I'm sure, is a different pie for each of us but there are things we share, common views, tastes and dreams. Without carving a too narrow niche, this blog is not something you can stumble into. It's like a seed that you must plant into your heart without knowing what plant it will end up being. The plant actually depends on you, its beauty, its flowers, its fruits, if any, are the result of your heart and this seed.

Filler : Cyril Rolando

We are dancing by Cyril Rolando