Late Night Post #12 - the Word

Fragment of "St Michael Vanquishing the Devil" by Bonifacio Veronese from c.1530

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" is one of the most beautiful and powerful things I have ever heard. What makes it so interesting is that this power comes from its simplicity which is an opposite mirror of its true complexity, which we can not rationally understand. What we can do is to develop our intuition, to learn to think with the heart, at least from time to time. I can guarantee that once you think with your heart you will forever want to come back to this feeling for it is closer to the truth than any amount of encyclopedic knowledge.

The music is by Diego Ortiz, Spanish composer and musicologist who lived between 1510-1570. Not much is known about his biography except that he lived most of his life in Italy, especially in Naples. The song is called "Recercada Ottava sobre la Folia", first published on 10 December 1553 in his work "Trattado de Glossas". The present recording was made by Jordi Savall, Spanish viol player, composer and conductor.

The painting is by Bonifacio Veronese, Italian artist born in Verona who later moved in Venice where he began to study under Palma Vecchio. He lived between 1487 and 1557.

"St Michael Vanquishing the Devil" by Bonifacio Veronese from c.1530

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