Charlie Hebdo

Before the incident, I must confess, I had no idea about this Charlie Hebdo and surely would have remained ignorant in this regard for years to come. As for most all over the world, I too became a victim of mass-media's machine gun approach towards the event. Stories upon stories with interviews and documentaries about this and that, trying to make martyrs of the victims, martyrs of freedom of expression.

The truth is far more different than that. Charlie Hebdo is not a symbol of freedom but a statement of the blind. The blinded hearts and minds who seem to gain louder voices as time passes. This age is surely one of intolerance and injustice but when you see the distorted views that abound on the Internet and in the media, who can not wonder where is it all heading. What this publication stands for reminds me of similar ones from the inter-war period.

I also condemn the killings, they do no justice to Islam or any other religion. One can not attack ignorance with ignorance, we must exercise our patience and have faith in God for only he knows the true purpose of things. All those who act out of pride and hate will find their downfall in them.

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