Movie : Tsar/Царь [Rusia : 2009]

The starting point of the movie is the consecration of Philip II as bishop and his enthronement as Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia. Director Pavel Lungin preferred to follow the relationship between two opposing sides, the Saint and the Tsar. Doing so we only witness three years of history with nothing to explain why Ivan the Terrible earned this name.

The situation of the country is not particularly well recreated in the sense that there is not much depth involved excepting the Ivan - Philip development. Other than that, Lungin remained fairly close to historical accounts.

Overall the movie is a masterpiece of Slavic cinematography and I highly recommend you make the time to watch it, the acting is excellent.

Pyotr Mamonov as Ivan the Terrible 

Oleg Yankovskiy as Metropolitanate Philip

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