2015 May 9th parade

In 2010 the remarkable parade held to commemorate the sacrifices of those who fought to push back Nazi Germany and ultimately to be victorious in the war, encompassing both the joy of the victory and the sorrow of the losses, reunited soldiers from the United States, France, Britain and Poland.

(photo of soldiers marching in WW2 uniforms) 

The 65th anniversary was indeed held in a different kind of political climate, this year many of the former friends have decided to skip this one in an action that resembles a child's behavior. Obama openly restricted the access of world leaders to the parade and the outcome was as expected by US diplomacy, out of 68 heads of state invited only 26 accepted to come.

The parade serves other purposes also, beyond the anniversary itself, the event is a very efficient way to showcase new military achievements like the Armata Tank and it could have settled some issues if European leaders decided to accept the invitation. Those who came will undoubtedly enjoy special treatment from Russia, China being the first in line.

Armata Tanks

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