Olga Matsaeva

Olga Matsaeva, photographer, Russia, artistic nude

What does the mirror reflect? The truth, one's heart and conscience. It's also a symbol of the manifestation that reflects the Creative Intelligence (of the Universe) also known as God. Angelus Silesius said something that can also be observed in Islamic teachings: "the human heart, a mirror reflecting God". The mirror's main interpretation is thus related to the superior aspects of life, the spiritual and the divine.

The fish is obviously associated with the element water but by itself it's a symbol of life and fertility. Indo-european iconography also links the fish with wisdom.
Olga Matsaeva was born on 7 September 1983 in Moscow. She is interested in different ways of portraying the human body and to be more exact, the interplay between body and spirit. Mirrors play an important role in her artistic vision as she herself declares, they add an aura of mysticism and represent her strong interest of depicting the inner self not only the exterior body.

I urge the young artist to pursue art in this key, the rewards will overcome any obstacle. Another interesting subject would be an interpretation of the maze.


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