Late Night Post #17 : Bad movie

    Last night I was in the mood to watch a new science fiction movie so I prowled the net in search for something. I am eagerly expecting the new Stargate trilogy announced but until then (God knows when that will happen) my appetite needed to be appeased. Found something starring Nicolas Cage but being and admirer I was expecting something at least moderately good.

    The fact of the matter is that in the end, the movie left me with a fundamental question which in a way continues to puzzle me to this day. Why have I, silently and docile, accepted important minutes to be taken from my life. Watching cat videos on youtube would have been a better choice. It was strange seeing Cage the only one who could act, stranger it was that he accepted to work on that junk of a movie... I guess he needed the money.

    The name of the film has no importance, just a B movie with absolutely no chance of becoming a cult classic. From the start you are slapped in the face with the most idiotic perspectives on some very difficult issues with absolutely no regard to the fact that so much shallowness makes your brain hurt. That should have been the moment to press that stop button but I wanted to see Cage, so I waited.

    He plays the role of a pilot cheating on his wife. His wife apparently tried to commit suicide a while ago, I don't know why but apparently she became a Jesus devotee embracing most of the preconceptions promoted by Hollywood regarding Christians. The subject is the Rapture but because my Christian belief predates all the ramification that time created (and Americans embraced) the actual Rapture is for me something different. Thought it could be interesting to see how society could react faced with the immediate disappearance of millions, even became intriguing.

    This enthusiasm lasted for little less than half a minute, most of the events in the movie have nothing to convey to the viewer and are absolutely useless in regards to the subject. Half the time a woman runs through a city, the other half Cage is sitting in his pilot sit. The discussions and situation in the plane between the passengers who survived are stupid and implausible.

    Enough said, wasted enough electricity as it is. A movie so bad that it received more words written about it than my actual recommendations. I'm not going to name it though.

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