Time and money

.: artist : Salvador Dali :. .: title : Persistence of Memory :. .: year : 1931 :. .: style : surealism :. .: observation : the clocks symbolize the relativity of space/time :.
There are work places where you feel like in a complicated relationship. You would like to quite but you insist on waiting for the other one to make the first move, to say: you know what, everything was nice but you should move on. And so, you, trying to mask that joy which the other one tries not to notice reply that you`re sorry and that's it. I don`t know if you`re in this situation, maybe yes, maybe no.

Let's think about what are we working for actually. Money is the most obvious answer however this answer is false. Your money is not your money, contrary to what you may think, money belongs to the banks, to the people who successfully sell you whatever they have to sell. And so what are you really working for? For having comfort, for social status, for you addictions and illusions, for survival.

Why wouldn't you go to some forgotten and isolated cave to live among squirrels and bears? You don't go because you're not their kind, you wouldn't resist and so you remain to tire yourself out for hot water, electricity, alcohol, cigarettes and sex. In the same way you could collect paintings and go to explore exotic places or even other planets. Whatever makes you happy. If you work for money you work for nothing, if at the end of the day you had nothing to learn from this or even come back home angry and frustrated you simply waste your life and even reduce your life expectancy.

In theory you can dodge this game if you are creative, stupid or drunk. Drunk on all the things that can enlighten you, stupid because you see all too clearly the stupidity of it all. Creative as some sort of transcendence (religious or even kantian transcendence), a sparkle of light that permeates through this wall made up of superb yet rotting material.

Money are a tool, maybe, I mean surely, but more so a tool for subordination, a mechanism to decide who, what and how, in the end something necessary, that can ward off our tendency to slip into rebellion and debauchery. But what am I saying here, money is everywhere, especially in rebellion and debauchery, it's omnipresent like the elementary particles. From graffiti to advertisements there aways appears an allusion to our enthusiasm to let ourselves dominated by the power of  money. Hunt those sales and selloffs, it will make you happy, even the act of emptying your wallet will get you one step closer to salvation, if not, the system will get upset and start to expand and contract like a monster and will come after you vengeful with the same power he used while caressing your illusions.

You work for money? I invite you to ask for more, not more money but more from yourselves. Our survival depends on it, enlightenment is sometimes eased by this. Think of all that time, the time you put into this economic mechanism. It may very well be an abandoned time, voluntary cuts in your life expectancy and expectations from life, if you do not search for something else, something hidden behind all your pleasures, addictions and habits.

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