Iran going nuclear

Iran going nuclear is a big debate all over the world for some time, but this is not the real issue, in the end it is all politics, global politics. If we look at North Korea we see a hardcore communist leadership that managed to get the nuclear bomb against all the UN sanctions thrown at it and against all of Bush's hard words about countries that sponsor terrorism. Clearly, what the UN tries to do now to Iran has been proved worthless.

Iran has and will have nuclear weapons just like Saddam had his weapons of mass destruction, the ones that seem to have magically disappeared. The US could of framed them, putting a few nukes under Saddam's pillow, but nobody bothered. The real issue is not even oil, although having it is not so bad, but control, global control. After WW2, the US had a great foreign policy overhaul. The result was the building of American army bases all over the globe and diplomatic relations with all sorts of states, from Pakistan to Canada.

What Iran is trying to do is obvious, they challenge American control in the region. If we look at the Islamic republic's foreign policy we see states like Venezuela, Brazil, Turkey, China, North Korea, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan, as well as Russia. It also has strong economic relations with the EU. Can we condemn a state for trying to follow its own road? Personally I don't believe Iran is a threat to anyone, certainly not to the states named above.

It has a population of over 70 million, a rich history, dating back to the beginning of the human civilization, and a rapid growth, by all accounts it has the makings of at least a regional power. We should accept Iran as a global player, diversity never hurts, in fact it helps cooperation and evolution, doing so could also be a breath of fresh air for its internal politics. Nuclear energy is a must for any modern state and only cooperation and goodwill can help humanity.

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Roberto said...

It is true that as long as other UN members have nuclear energy and weapons, then Iran has an equal right to such determination. The US and much of the EU only wish to restrict Iran's power and influence to enhance their own. Iran is no more a threat to Israel than the US has been to Iraq and now Afghanistan.