Niavaran Residential (visual) and Kahtmayan (audio)

I was looking through the Duo archive wondering what to present next, and it hit me, why no architecture? That's why I went out (out on the web I mean) searching for some sustainable, clean, green and overall beautiful buildings. Regarding architecture I will be concentrating on one or maybe two buildings, never on more works like I do with paintings and photographs.

This article has an Iranian theme and after a few days of trial and error in trying to make an interesting "Duo" I decided to go with a modern, not at all monumental building.

Design intentions:
Niavaran Residential Complex is located in Tehrans, Shemiran area. Shemiran, being spread along Alborz Mountains slope, used to be a summer resort of Tehran until 40 years ago due to its numerous gardens. Presently, still a good number of old trees exist in Shemiran area. The parcel of land allocated to this project accommodates a number of these old trees too, whose conservation has been considered as the first priority in designing this complex. The preliminary design concept based on including the existing old trees in the building site and considering the main axis of the inner trees, the building mass was divided into 2 main sections. The green area alongside this axis has also affected the formation of the side kernel of the building mass and the overall shape of the building.

Technical data:
The project, having 30 residential apartments from 80 to 300 square meters, has been designed in 5 levels, each accommodating 6 flats, and 3 lower floors for common facilities. The ground floor has been allocated to the entrance lobby, building managers office, ceremonies and gatherings hall. The first basement is mainly for a parking lot and store rooms, while the second basement, in addition to a parking lot, includes central heating room, swimming pool, Spa and the gym.

Project team:
Mohammad Reza Nikbakht and partners

Research by Seyed Saleh Niakouei

Mohammad Reza Nikbakht
The curved walls give an excellent organic feel to the building, they ensure good air circulation and enough space for the trees to develop.
Just like living in paradise
An overview of the complex.

The interior
Photos: Masoud Niakouei

For the second part I was thinking of replacing music with poetry and I was ready to publish this article with the text but I decided to go with an Iranian trash metal band because it more clearly expresses the new Iran I wanted to show with the above architecture. To be a rocker in Iran is more or less like being a rocker in 50s America, and this is not such a bad thing. The censorship in the Islamic republic forces artists to search deeper in their hearts and minds for art, it makes them fight for what they want, to know that they are on a mission, not just to make money, but to make revolutionary art. The elements of rebellion and freedom have disappeared in western rock, but, ironically, are perfectly alive in Iran. The present members of Kahtmayan are: Homayoon Majdzadeh (guitars, vocals), Saeed Piltan (drums), Ali Azhari (guitars) and Bijan Majdzadeh (bass guitar). The song is entitled "Believe" and is from their 2009 album, Virtual Existence.

Kahtmayan link: www.kahtmayan.com

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