Auditorium and Library of Semnan by NWA

We must never underestimate the importance of our environment, both in terms of respect for nature and respect for ourselves. Art can be used as a tool to achieve many things, starting with aesthetic pleasure and sometimes culminating with things like political and social statements.

New Wave Architecture (NWA)  was established in 2006 and is led by Lida Almassian (MA), Gholamreza Tohidi (civil engineer), Shapoor Fakhri (civil engineer), Shahin Heidari (MA) and employs a staff of almost 45 others. The building, or should I say buildings, in question are the Auditorium and Library of the University of Semnan, a project started in 2006 and still under construction. Their modernity is admirable, yet this simple aesthetic observation is not enough to make a building immortal with the passing of time. I look forward to see the buildings finished but until that will happen we have to make do with the images bellow. I like the idea with the crisscrossed spaces on the covered facade which give a very dynamic feeling and serve a practical method to let light in while also offering protection against the summer heat, hence reducing power consumption. Overall, an excellent design and a testimony to Iranian progress in recent years.

Source: arthitectural.com

Source: arthitectural.com

Website of New Wave Architecture:  http://www.newwavearchitecture.com
Website of University of Semnan: www.semnan.ac.ir

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