Around the World in 7 Notes: Georgia, Nino Katamadze

From Russia we will go south, along the eastern shores of the Black Sea where Georgia will welcome us. You all know about the armed conflict between these two neighbors but their socio-political relation during Soviet times is not to be neglected either (for history buffs). Never been there but the pictures look nice, anyway, I searched hard for something appropriate, musically speaking, and I think I hit Jackpot. Nino Katamadze is a Georgian jazz singer with great success in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In fact Russia is what made her an international success. 

The song you are listening to now is called "Autumn" and it's the 9th track from her 2010 "Red" album. Regarding the lyrics, they can even be gibberish cause I don't understand a single word, can't even make out the verb from the noun. I admit however that Georgian is on my list of languages I want to learn right between Tagalog and C++.  All jokes aside, this song and her voice hooked me instantly. Her very emotional style with an intensity that has the power to overwhelm your own feelings is a true gift. Jazz is the perfect medium, in my opinion, to achieve such a thing. 

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